Anonymous: How do you tone a stomach at home? I'm skinny fat right nice and can't go to a gym and gave no equipment, but I want a toned stomach because it's gross and flabby rn

For one, if you have about 30 minutes of free time everyday, I highly recommend Cassey’s workout plan.

Go to blogilates and put your e-mail up in that bitch and she will send you the password to her calender, which you can then print out or just save on your computer (she makes a new one every month for free!) and everyday there is about 4-5 videos you have to do, they usually range between 5minutes-15minutes/each. This is the first thing that got me into working out when I didn’t have a gym available either. It’s pilates and it was so awesome for me, you don’t need anything! And even when she says use weights, you don’t NEED to, but eventually once you get through a whole month, the next month you should invest in some 3lb-5lb weights or something. They don’t cost much and they last basically a lifetime. She does EVERYTHING with you, talks you through it and her moves are extremely effective. I’m pretty in shape and I still have a hard time doing some of her moves so don’t get discouraged either, do what you can, take a breather if you need to, and then start right back up again.

And if you don’t want to do the calender thing, just look her up on youtube (Blogilates) and find the videos you want to do, she has quite a few that just focus on the core, you can just do 3-4 of those a day instead if you don’t want to tone up your whole body yet.

Hope I helped, and good luck!!

Working on that tummy and booty. Not where I want to be yet but I see some progress! No pain no gain is too true, the gym kills me.